A Clearer Path to Noise Reduction

First responders often must work in noisy environments. Having radio communications with clear audio can often be a matter of life or death. It is imperative that emergency radio dispatchers can understand first responders even in the most challenging noise environments.

Learn how TrueVoice noise cancellation technology operates seamlessly in all noise environments without the need for extra configuration. Download your free copy of A Clearer Path to Noise Reduction now! 

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Perpetual Software Licensing

Adds greater value to your radios by extending the life of the software into your next hardware platform — you own the software option forever, and your licenses are simple to manage with our cloud-based tool — Vault™.

Armada® Fleet Management

Update your radios in a group rather than one at a time, and monitor your radios and batteries so you know when a battery is running low — even before the user does.

TrueVoiceNoise Cancellation

Software-based noise cancellation automatically filters out noise source frequencies and eliminates the need for extra configuration. Works in analog or digital mode and with any accessory.

Making safe, simple with KENWOOD Viking:

Learn why TrueVoice is the most advanced noise cancellation technology for portables and mobiles.

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