Your job is tough and you count on your radio as a lifeline to keep yourself and others as safe as possible. That's why we make safe simple for you with KENWOOD Viking® by giving you the highest performing P25 radios, while making them easy to use and easy to maintain. 

Viking radios are used throughout the world by police, fire, paramedics, military and homeland security personnel. Download the Viking Product Overview today!

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Eliminate the Hidden Cost of Radio Reprogramming

Technology that makes radio codeplug programming safe and simple.

There was a time, before IP networks and cloud computing, when land mobile radio (LMR) systems were complicated. They were deployed with special-use proprietary hardware and software. Their circuit-switched networks operated in a framework where functions were hierarchical.

Learn how the ATLAS® P25 System with Latitude™ technology offers increased flexibility with auto-discovery & self-healing sites, distributed call center, and simulcast control.
 Download your free copy of Modernizing the Framework of LMR Systems now!

Modern radio fleet management solutions demand an approach which can accommodate programming and maintaining multiple fleets of radios.

Learn how you can easily and efficiently manage your radio fleet with Armada®. Download your free copy of The Beginning of a New Generation of Radio Fleet Management now!  

Updating radio software programming is often an overlooked cost for agencies. Performing necessary software updates after a system expansion or the addition of talkgroups typically requires a considerable amount of time, resources, and manpower. In most cases, the programmer needs to work with each agency to bring the radios into the service center which leads to a significant amount of downtime.

Learn how Armada® OTAP makes radio programming simple by reducing the logistics of updating a fleet of fielded radios. Download your free copy of Eliminate the Hidden Cost of radio reprogramming now! 

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