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NEXEDGE eBook for Utilities

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Electrical utility work is vital to everyday life. It may not get a lot of attention until there is a power outage, but it is a prevalent part of our home, school, work, economic, and leisure activities. Accidents...can have deadly and tragic consequences that extend far beyond the job site.

- Energy Education Council

With one of the largest two-way radio networks in the United States, JVCKENWOOD has a broad portfolio of industry-leading products and a proven track record of deploying NEXEDGE technology nationwide. Our internationally recognized, NXDN standard incorporates Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) for greater efficiency in bandwidth usage and a lower possibility of interference. 

Electric, gas and water utilities provide the essentials of modern life. They must be responsible to customers every day, while simultaneously prepared to respond to emergencies. These demands for day-to-day operations and disaster recovery require reliable communications. 

Download the NEXEDGE eBook to learn how KENWOOD radio systems can work for you.

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