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Get free grant assistance for KENWOOD Viking P25 mobile and portable radios

Learn more about our free Grant Assistance Program for KENWOOD Viking P25 portable and mobile radios.

Making safe simple

with KENWOOD Viking:

Perpetual Software Licensing

Adds greater value to your radios by extending the life of the software into your next hardware platform — you own the software option forever, and your licenses are simple to manage with our free cloud-based tool — Vault™.

Armada® Fleet Management

Update your radios in a group rather than one at a time. One template programs both portables & mobiles. Supports direct computer connection, Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP), and Over-the-Intranet-Programming (OTIP). Elite battery management enables wireless tracking of battery fleet.

TrueVoiceNoise Cancellation

Software-based noise cancellation automatically filters out noise source frequencies and eliminates the need for extra configuration. Works in analog or digital mode and with any accessory.

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Whether your community is urban or rural, seeking eligible funding opportunities for your agency can be timely and complex.

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